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Natural Energetic Lifting ®

Shamarè Resort & Spa, with its warm and welcoming environment, offers unique resources and treatments for the beauty and well-being of your body:

  • Spacious whirlpool bath with chromotherapy
  • Turkish bath with steam and natural aromas
  • Sauna with chromotherapy and essential oils

All are enriched with the use of a special water regenerator.

Normal tap water is transformed into vital water, which has an increased pH value and can facilitate the absorption of oxygen by cells with the help of a higher oxygen concentration. Youthful, radiant skin; silky, shiny and soft hair.

  •  NEW Natural Energetic Lifting® is known for its anti-ageing and wellness effects. Through the PRANICA energy projection alone and without any physical touch, it allows the relaxation of facial features and the repositioning of its volumes, all done naturally but above all permanently and without any side effects.
  • Massages and healing work performed by an expert Aromatherapist and Usui Reiki Master.



Let yourself be pampered by expert hands in an exclusive environment


A method created, studied and applied by operators all over the world with excellent results.

Through the projection of PRANIC energy alone, without physical touch, it allows a relaxation of facial features and a repositioning of volumes, all gradually, naturally but above all permanently and without side effects.

The skin of your face will appear more elastic and oxygenated, reducing wrinkles and imperfections.

Natural Energetic Lifting® stimulates the microcirculation and activates the fibroblasts, which increase the production of collagen and elastin, giving your skin a more luminous, toned and youthful appearance.

Our Spa can accommodate 4 people. You can then enjoy the intimacy you seek alone for an experience of total listening and self-care, as a couple for a romantic escape from daily stress, or by sharing the space with those who, like you, want to rediscover the pleasure of feeling good.

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